There was such a long period of time in my life when my song was stuck and locked away in a part of myself that I had lost access to it altogether. As I regained connection to my inner music, it became outer music. It felt like a miracle. And I learned something…. something that Salim Michael says so well: 

“Take care… not to interere in any way with the tone of your voice, or purposely attempt to change it simply because you may not like its intonation, but continue patiently and dispassionately to listen. You will then find that your voice will, of its own, take on another tone, a special tone, one which will feel astonishingly true, tranquil, familiar, and natural, corresponding to … who you are.”

Just being with your voice, your sound, your vibration, simply and with curiosity rather than judgement, allows the voice to grow and expand and the music in every human heart to emerge. We can’t all be Mariah Carey, but we all can sing and enjoy the experience of our voices.

Have you been singing a little bit?
How has that been for you?
If you ever want to reach out and just talk about singing – anytime – I’m available.
Its one of my favorite subjects 😉

With that in mind, I’ve created a two-hour attunement called “Sounding Through The Chakras.”
Click through to get more details on what its about and stay tuned for dates/times coming in the future.
And this is for everyone.
No singing ability is required for this at all.
I think you’re really going to enjoy the process.


Sounding Through The Chakras.


Also, I found out this week that “In Dreams” was nominated for Best Vocal Album + Track of the Year for my version of Tina Malia’s song, “Heal This Land,” for the 2019 One World Music Awards.
I am, of course, delighted.
It means so much to have our art acknowledged, doesn’t it?

There are a few events coming in the next weeks where we can meet up in person!

Have a look and choose one that’s convenient to where you are in Los Angeles 🙂

P.S. LA peeps – I hope you won’t mind me sending you a reminder about these coming events before the next Sunday Special goes out. Looking forward to seeing you!

Songwriter Showcase

February 27, 7pm @ Molly Malones
Hosted by Lauri Reimer
$10 cover for the night

Shanti Shabbat Concert

Shabbat at the inspiring seaside Malibu Jewish Center & Synagogue. Elevate your Friday evening with friends, song, a glass or two, meaning and a feeling of Shabbat Shalom with guest artist Kimberly Haynes.

Free Your voice

March 24th 11a-5p, $118 til Mar 1
✓ Are you ready to abandon self-judgement and fear?
✓ What would it be like to express yourself clearly and authentically?
✓ Would you like to connect with your most unique mode of expression?
✓ Do you want to meet yourself and others with greater clarity and intention?

Sunday Feb 17 90.7FM 5:30pm

Join musicians Kimberly Haynes and David Vito Gregoli with host Dr. Connie Corley on 90.7 KPFK Los Angeles and streaming on More info here:  [This show was previously scheduled but not broadcast due to the rainstorms affecting the KPFK transmitter]