24 Karat Gold

24 Karat Gold is my go-to skin care for EVERYTHING.
100% the real deal and your skin will love you for it.
100% raw, unrefined and consciously sourced from a women’s co-op in Ghana, Africa that provides fair wages, community empowerment, and sustainable harvesting methods!

Denise George

If you need your website designed or re-designed, Denise is the one to help you make that happen – all the while empowering you to do it yourself (if you want that kind of power).  She’s smart as a whip and works at lightening speed.  Very responsive and delivered everything as promised.


Waterwise Deluxe Showerwise Filtration System

No matter how much you moisturize your skin, no matter how many products you put in your hair to keep it shiny and soft and silky, if you are showering in chlorinated water, you might as well throw all that stuff away.
I will never shower again without my filters.  My skin is soft and dewey, my hair no longer frizzy!
Do you self a favor and get this in your house today!



Another one of those things I will not live without, if I have a choice.
This is the highest quality you can get and backed by a 100% money back guarantee no questions asked.
And!  Its really tasty. You don’t have to hide it in a smoothie.
This makes the eyes glow and the skin shine!