Life is now in full and perfect bloom
proof of great and unfailing Love
the flower is in its fullness
But as I came, so shall i go

Indeed, aloneness returns
with the stamp of inevitability
children grow up, embrace the gift of Life
claim it as their own
And I bless them as they go their way

Then one day I will go
on that singular journey
that can only be taken

So, what shall I pack
in that suitcase for tomorrow?
My failings? My shortcomings? My regrets?
Losses? Sorrows?
Is there something else?

I could tenderly fold
the fine and elegant silk
of love received and love given

Press into place with perfect attention
exquisite moments of joy
so bright, that no sadness or loss
could possibly diminish their brilliance

Tuck into the hidden pocket of my bag
the revelation of Knowledge
the times I have looked within
and known the presence of the Holy One.
The love between my beloved and me
The birth of my children, the birth of my songs

Perhaps if I train my attention, with the force of Life itself
that force that pulses through me day and night
Perhaps then I will take with me
those most precious gifts

and leave the rest behind
in the great reservoir
of time