Greetings friends and family ~~ Such cool news!
Next week, I will be going into production for my first ever music video!
Light of My Soul hits the screen!  

I’m super excited to see this coming into being and also nervous about the adventure.
Me?  A music video?
Just, wow.  

I have a great team organized and we’ve been developing locations, props, wardrobe (thank you Joni Caldwell for your pro support and also Boubolina in Topanga), and so forth to make it beautiful for you all.  Light of My Soul is set to drop into iTunes as a single release on December 13, during the Festival of Lights, Chanukah, along with the video!
I’ll be starting to inundate FB with announcements for this, so…that will be happening LOL.

In production news:
Since coming back from my writing retreat at Janie Grave’s magical cottage in the woods of Atascadero, I have been working away trying on different arrangements for each song.  Its been a fun and educational process, learning how to communicate what I hear inside and then get someone else to actualize it for me!
Friday, Christo Pellani will lay down percussion tracks for one of my new favorite songs!  Looking forward to hearing some serious magic!
Last week, Vito had a stroke of genius when he added native american flute to one of my songs.  It sounds amazing!  I absolutely love that flute, it was a gift of the heart from a dear friend, so its really special to have it on the album.  

I’m starting to feel really excited to share all my songs with everyone – just a few short months from now. 


In other music news!  I had such a fun time going to the Hollywood Music in Media Awards with my producer and friend, Vito Gregoli, last week!  His most recent release, Om Land (on which I am the featured vocalist), was nominated in the New Age Category.
Big congratulations to our friend Aeone on her win in the same category!

Here’s a pic on the red carpet!


Finally, I have been wanting to organize and offer a variety of music based workshops out of my home, but have been stuck at the starting gate as I don’t want these events to turn the household upside down.  Last week, however, a beautiful bell tent came into our lives and was set up by angels (Shane and Sarah).  Here’s a shot of it from Saturday night:


So friends!  That’s the news from here for now ?  Brian and the kids and I will be having a beautiful holiday together here at home.  This week, the kids are on vacation from school, I am on vacation from studio, Brian is….. working ?  But Th, Fri, Sat, Sun we will have some family time, which we are all craving – as well as Turkey.

Blessings to you all as we move into the holiday season.