Most of us have been very tense for the better part of our lives – wound up by all kinds of negative thought patterns.

So, taking the time to create spaciousness & allow inspiration is a great way to release that tension!

Since songwriting is one of my favorite pastimes, cultivating spaciousness and inspiration is essential.
I love to put ideas into poetic word-images &  find melodies that have the ‘it’ factor when it’s in the pocket.

Mostly I write when I’m driving because there is just so much driving in my life LOL.
Then I come back to my guitar and find the chords, and work with the words until they convey the image just so.

Song ideas sort of bubble up when I allow myself to be spacious and let go of thinking …. you might be wondering how I “allow myself to be spacious” LOL.
What the heck does that mean?



• Release following the thoughts, emotions, and perceptions that arise in the mind
• Let go of holding whatever arises in the mind
• Allow my mind to rest

And Voila – spaciousness!
This is where inspiration flows for all things creative.

I’ll write a more in-depth article about this soon on my coaching website.
This week’s article is on the inspiration and benefits of routine and ritual and the many ways we can get ourselves inspired!

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