Howdy out there!

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind and there is so much to share!

I don’t really know where to begin!
I’ll just start from recent to less recent because the excitement of yesterday’s development is still totally lighting me up!


My producing partner, Vito Gregoli, thought it was time to get “Light of My Soul” the single out to Pandora for consideration because it takes a really long time – up to a year at times – for them to accept new music into rotation, if at all.
So, we submitted late in the evening on Wed night this week, and when I arrived for our Thursday morning studio session, we already had an email back from them letting us know that “Light of My Soul” was accepted and would be airing on Pandora, hopefully very soon! That was unprecedented.



Yes, indeed! Kimberly Haynes will soon be in living rooms, cars and offices all over the globe.

This really is a game changer.  It means the first trickles of royalties from the song will soon be a part of my emerging life landscape.

I never thought I would say this because the KickStarter experience was so challenging, but I’m thrilled that this album is a result of a groundswell of community and family support, rather than a record company, or a sponsor, or any other way.
Its just so heart warming to know that me and my community and family did it together.
The joy of sharing what we put in motion as a tribe is unparalleled.

My fundraiser began as a dim flicker in my mind one early morning before dawn…
I mean… Do I DARE????
But then, it was brought to a nice burn as I started throwing the idea around with Brian, Monique, Vito and others… the flames really got going as we started making plans for the video and setting up a solid foundation for the KS to stand on.
As we entered the 30 day process of fundraising, we daily threw kerosene on it and it exploded into success!  An album was in the making.

Now, the fire is blazing on its own momentum, collecting all kinds of wonderful opportunities to keep itself going.

Its really incredible to stand here and see the flow of miracles. I feel the love.  Seriously!

The World seems to be waiting for this music of the heart, as daily there is another person or event supporting the vision in a big way.


The second thing that happened yesterday:

A few weeks ago, I was asked to write lyrics for an already existing musical composition by a team of composers for submission to TV/FILM opportunities.
After working out an agreement, I accepted the challenge

– a little reticently, as I have never written on demand LOL.
When I finally did sit down with the song, it birthed itself beautifully in about 90 minutes.

A few days afterward, we met in studio with Vito and the composer (all identifying info will follow soon), and laid down the vocal tracks.  After about 3 hours,  we all felt we had some good vocal tracks and called it a night.
Vito sent the files off to the team and we waited to hear back.

It all came back in yesterday, and as I sat watching the video (they used an existing dramatic series for “proof on concept”), listening to the deeply moving composition, my voice and lyrics over it all, I was just speechless with excitement.
The possibilities are infinite… and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Again, its straight back to my KS supporters!
My song is out there, my voice is out there, and people are hearing it and things are happening!
This is exactly the best possible outcome of doing the campaign.


In other news…
Over the summer I got a truly beautiful instrument from Godin Guitars as part of an endorsement deal.  My new Seagull Artist Mosaic guitar is crazy beautiful!

After hearing the single “Light of My Soul” they also asked me to play on the Godin Stage at NAMM 2016 – which just happened last weekend.

They gave me a great Saturday slot, and it was a magical experience.
Performing for my peers – other truly amazing musicians – was an intimidating thought, but in the end, Vito and Christo and I knocked it out of the park – and everybody loved our performance.
I’m so grateful to have such incredibly talented people supporting me.  So, thank you Vito and Christo!  I even had people stop me much later in the day to tell me how much they enjoyed our stage time.
AND, very important, Godin Guitars was happy!

I also may have a microphone endorsement, but I can’t say with who until the deal is finalized. ?

Endorsements = Stuff!  Support! Visibility!

The weekend was packed with good times including seeing some familiar faces from way way back and making some new friends that I have plans to work with in the near future. I will share all that coming up in the next newsletter.


Godin Guitar Stage

In album news, we are close to the homestretch!  With just a couple months to release and a final product!
Its coming together beautifully and I’m feeling really great about it ?

Vito has been working his butt off to get it all in order: tracking, arranging (rearranging LOL) mixing, booking in musicians for various parts on various songs.

I’m really lucky to have such a grounded and masterful musician to bring “Light of My Soul” to life.

Until next time!  Bright blessings to you all.